FST Fabbrica Sughi Toscana

is a factory-company specializing in the production of Sauces – meat and game Ragouts and seasonings, Patè and Spreads, Meat Stews, Fruit Jams and Typical Tuscan products. Our philosophy is based on the use of selected raw materials to guarantee our customers an excellent quality product, both in ingredients and recipes, all of which are our own.

The Company

was founded in the small town of Vicopisano, in the province of Pisa, as a company dedicated to the food production of preserves. The craftsmanship of all our recipes has always distinguished us. Healthy, good and tasty recipes, without preservatives or dyes, executed according to the culinary tradition of our territory, as homemade.

Our mission

is in the selection of raw materials, which we sort daily, to use only those of excellent quality. This is our mission, the secret to offering you sauces, ragouts, patés but also extra jams and marmalades with a unique and homemade flavor. Just as you would make them yourself.


In our factory, marked with CE label, we produce any kind of recipe: game ragout, meat ragout, recipes of only Tuscan ingredients, tomato sauces, fish sauces, regional specialties and more.

The development division

Our expertise at your service: we select the best ingredients and bring to life customized recipes to meet any request and adapt to specific tastes or territories. We offer the chance to make each product unique, dedicating ourselves to exclusive creation, from recipe to packaging.

That’s why Private Label, or tradition tailor-made.

Those who know the value of tradition recognize the importance of uniqueness.