is focused on the search for quality.

Our priority is making sure that every product and ingredient we use meets certain standards. Because bringing tradition forward is possible only through first-rate ingredients. Our certifications are synonym with quality and safety, and exemplify our life/work approach, as a company.

All the phases of the production chain are monitored according to  ORGANIC (ICEA) and IFS certifications, to ensure a high production and product level.

The certifications

prove the quality, naturalness and values of the ingredients we use, and they are all necessary to make our end products a symbol of excellence.

Moreover, they testify our commitment of being responsible for the health and well-being of those who choose us. And this is also why we opt for a short supply chain. It’s not just a matter of taking care of and supporting our territory, by recognizing and helping local businesses, but also to have direct control over our ingredients, to ensure the best selection and quality, at all times.